GT-R改款,Murano敞篷车& ll 概念 To Headline 日产 Stand In L.A.

日产’s摊位将是今年11月的明星景点之一’s 2010 洛杉矶车展, with three world premieres scheduled to take place, each as exciting and groundbreaking as the next. The lineup will include a new sedan concept dubbed the ll, a radical convertible version of the Murano crossover and the facelifted 2012 日产 GT-R,我们昨天看到了。

The facelifted GT-R is no longer a secret, with 日产 already confirming that the car will go on sale in the U.S. next February. The latest version of the Japanese giant killer comes with a host of udpates including aerodynamic and handling upgrades, as well as a more powerful and more fuel efficient drivetrain.

In Japan 日产 is offering two additional GT-R models, the race track only Club Track edition and luxury-oriented EGOIST, however, there’s still no word whether either of these models will be offered in the U.S. Expect more details following the facelifted GT-R’s debut in 洛杉矶 this November.

While the 2012 日产 GT-R is no big surprise, the new Murano convertible certainly will be. This model has 长期以来在网上谣传, and our sources inside 日产 say it's more than just a rumor. It may not make it to production--that will likely hinge heavily on its public reception at the show--but it's a project the company has been working hard on for some time now.

Finally, 日产 will also show the ll sedan concept. The only official comment is that the ll concept represents a "dramatic new-value sedan exploration". Expect it to preview a new affordable sedan model 日产 is planning, possibly with some form of hybrid or full electric drive.



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