Forbidden Fruit: 2012 Nissan GT-R 自我主义者 Mega-Gallery

当。。。的时候 改款2012日产GT-R系列 去年年底推出,不仅为我们提供了一些新样式和更强大的引擎,而且还引入了两种全新的模型。

这些新模型包括 racing circuit dedicated "俱乐部赛道" edition and an ultra-exclusive "自我主义者" version designed to be fully tailored to a customer's every whim.

Unfortunately, neither of these models is being launched in the U.S. so we all we have are these images to lust over. This particular gallery post features the luxury-oriented GT-R 自我主义者, showing off both the car’s exterior and stunning cabin.

The Nissan GT-R 自我主义者 is aimed at a very different type of buyer to those normally seeking the Japanese supercar. Each customer can choose a combination of interior colors among 20 choices. In addition, the Bose sound system in the 自我主义者 is exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver to meet every customer's personal needs.


The leather Seton uses comes from specially nurtured cows, which are kept in a conditioned environment to protect their hides from insect bites and barbed-wire fence damage. A total of 15 hides are required for every Nissan GT-R 自我主义者.

为了修饰内部,方向盘中央装有特殊的日本清漆GT-R标志。在外部,有一个类似于SpecV车型的碳纤维后扰流板,以及一个钛合金排气管和RAYS合金轮毂,饰有Blue Sword颜色。

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