Is The Timing Right For A Lower-Cost 大众汽车 Phaeton In The U.S.?


Is The Timing Right For A Lower-Cost 大众汽车 Phaeton In The U.S.?

大众汽车’s Phaeton luxury sedan was supposed to re-write the book on German luxury cars, and forever change the way that customers viewed the brand. The brainchild of then-VW Group head Ferdinand Piech, the Phaeton was rumored to have ten very specific (and equally bizarre) design goals.


While the Phaeton remains on sale in other parts of the world, the car disappeared from the U.S. market in 2006, a victim of plummeting demand. Much has changed in the U.S. market since then, including the successful launch of Hyundai’s Equus luxury flagship and the reemergence of 大众汽车 as a primary brand in the U.S. market.

随着新版辉腾将于2015年在欧洲推出,有些人认为,现在正是在美国重新推出辉腾的时候。如 汽车新闻 (需要订阅) 报告称,新的辉腾将被控制在成本上,以便更好地与客户的期望保持一致,前提是这种新的辉腾何时被带到大西洋的这一侧。


To counter this, 大众汽车 is said to be pricing the next Phaeton “well below” the $70,000 mark, which puts it directly up against Hyundai’s Equus sedan. Assuming, that is, the German automaker ultimately decides to green-light the model for a second go at the U.S. market.

We hope that 大众汽车 has learned a thing or two about how to sell and service luxury cars from Hyundai, too. A lower-priced Phaeton will only succeed in the U.S. market if the previous 大众汽车 service and parts demons are exorcised, otherwise, VW is merely setting itself up for a second failure with the same model.

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