Faster 揽胜 Sport In The Works: Report

揽胜’在美国市场上最畅销的车型是运动版,’s no secret that a new 揽胜 Sport is under development. Like the all-new 揽胜, the Sport will benefit from the extensive use of aluminum in its construction, shaving serious weight from all production versions.

While a new 揽胜 Sport is a given, Land Rover’s chief of chassis systems, David Waide, seemed to hint at an even more aggressive version of the 揽胜 Sport,以家族品牌Jaguar为例。

汽车咨询 引用韦德的话说:“这是业务可以扩展的领域之一。您已经在Jaguar及其 XKR-S版。他们在R-S模型上做得非常好……因此可以使用Land Rover产品来做这些事情。”

尽管Jaguar的R-S型号是核心性能版本,但它们仍然保留了足够的舒适性,可以满足想要两全其美的买家的需求。魏德(Waide)认为,顶级保时捷运动版不会挑战保时捷卡宴(Porsche Cayenne)的细分性能,尤其是要牺牲长途舒适性。

韦德再次引用捷豹汽车,并总结道:“如果将[XKR-S]与保时捷同等车型进行比较,它就不会那么运动。速度如此之快,听起来很棒,但也更加舒适。 GT产品和终极跑车之间达到了平衡。”

Expect a high-end 揽胜 Sport variant to deliver much the same experience. It won’t be as nimble as the Cayenne GTS, but it will likely be more adept at swallowing up high-speed highway mileage in comfort.

Assuming a hotter version of the 揽胜 Sport really is in the works, it would round out the product line nicely. A rumored 运动版的Evoque would provide a gateway performance 越野车, with the hotter 揽胜 Sport topping the range and competing against performance 越野车 from BMW, AMG and Porsche.

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