Next 躲闪 Journey could share RWD platform with Alfa Romeo


躲闪's newest crossover will speak with a strong Italian accent, if a new report is to be believed.

汽车新闻 (subscription required) says the second generation of the 躲闪 Journey, of all vehicles, will move from the milquetoast front-wheel-drive platform that underpins the current model to the decidedly sporty rear-drive setup found underneath the 即将发布的阿尔法·罗密欧·朱利亚.

Yes, that means 躲闪's workaday people carrier will be an Alfa Romeo at its core. 

这并不像看起来那样牵强 阿尔法·罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)跨界车(可以称为Stelvio)正在开发中。尽管如此,它仍标志着《旅程》的重点发生了重大变化,自2008年末投放市场以来,仅进行了适度的更新。

2016 躲闪 Durango

2016 躲闪 Durango


What the next-gen Journey means for the slow-selling, but largely praised, 躲闪 Durango is up for much debate as well. The Durango, which rides on a stretched version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee's architecture, is set to be reinvented soon as the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, anyway.


The rear-wheel-drive architecture under the Giulia will also be used for the next 躲闪 Charger and Challenger, meaning that 躲闪 showrooms in a few years may consist of a single platform with three different body styles. Recall that the 毒蛇超级跑车也即将推出.

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