More Details On Next-Gen 奥迪 A8


奥迪’下一代A8距离其市场首次亮相还差几年,但是’s already a lot we know about the new flagship sedan. The car will ride on a stretched version of the MLB Evo platform that debuts in the 2016年第7季度,为大型轿车带来了显着的重量减轻,并且已经开始使用一些 当前基于A8的测试mu子.

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最近的系列 序言概念车 preview the new styling for the A8 and other large 奥迪s, and the concepts also give us a glimpse at some of the technology that will be offered in the cars, such as powerful plug-in hybrid systems, autonomous driving aids, and advanced connectivity features. Now 自动快递 已经设法确认了将在新A8上首次亮相的某些技术。

In the area of autonomous driving, or Piloted Driving as 奥迪 calls it, the new A8 should be able to handle some parking situations as well as driving in dense traffic at speeds of up to 37 mph. Making this all possible is a series of scanners located around the car and a central computer, known as a 中央驾驶员辅助控制单元(zFAS),处理所有数据并对方向盘,变速箱和制动器进行必要的调整。

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新型A8的其他进步将以有机LED的形式出现。这些也可以在室内使用,例如在可以结合某些手势控制功能的高级数字显示器中使用。宝马的新7系将于今年晚些时候上市 将具有类似的技术.

Finally, we should see 奥迪’s electrically-aided turbochargers used under the hood. The technology helps eliminate turbo lag for force-fed engines and makes its 首次亮相高性能Q7变体 明年首播。对于混合动力技术迷来说,新款A8将提供e-tron插入式混合动力模型,将V-8与强大的电驱动系统结合在一起。在Prologue概念中,该装置可提供724马力以上和663磅-英尺的扭矩。



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