2018 奥迪 A5 and S5 first drive review: Sibling rivalry renewed


奥迪'A4为其美国销售部门带来了培根's no denying the stylish spin-offs that give the compact-car family its panache: the 奥迪 A5 and S5.

These 奥迪 twins vie for attention at the dinner table. Between bites, the sleek A5 catches up on the #RichKidsOfInstagram hashtag. At the other end of the table sits the S5, flexing its muscles and espousing the benefits of a paleo diet. 

At their core, they're the same car, and they're both clear descendants of the A4 that 奥迪 itself calls its "重心。”但是他们不能有更多不同的个性。

On paper, the latest versions of the A5 and S5, new for the 2018 model year, look like their predecessors. Even in person, they're somewhat difficult to discern from the outgoing models. But as follows 奥迪 tradition, the differences are in the details. 

首先,两款汽车都配备了更新的发动机和不同的变速箱。在A5中,这意味着2.0升涡轮增压4缸发动机的额定功率为252马力,扭矩为273磅英尺,而S5则通过3.0升双涡轮增压V-6发动机,额定功率为354 hp和369 lb,提升了赌注-英尺

这两个数字都比上一个对提高了20%。这些双胞胎加上节食后的体重减少了约100磅,因此他们的运动方式显然更加运动。奥迪的Drive Select系统又回来了,使驾驶员可以选择转向,油门,换挡以及在合适的情况下自适应的悬架参数。

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All told, 奥迪 will offer a bundle of suspension settings on the duo. The A5 will be sold with "touring" shocks, "sport" shocks, or adaptive dampers. Opt for the S5, and 奥迪 will offer even stiffer sport shocks or differently tuned adaptive dampers.

传递风味的种类要小一些。 A5配备了标准的6速手动或7速双离合自动变速器,但尽管运动型定位,S5还是专门配备了8速自动变速器。去年的变速杆S5咬了灰尘。在欧洲,A5看到了更多的汽油和柴油发动机,但美国的发烧友应该欣慰的是,无论到哪里,都不会有手动的2018奥迪S5。嘿,至少我们并没有否认所有很棒的东西。

On any setup, 奥迪's quattro all-wheel-drive system is the only option. The stick-shifted A5 2.0T will use 奥迪's new quattro ultra, which decouples the rear axle to save fuel when not needed—say, in a straight line at highway speeds.

Underneath, the cars utilize the same updated version of 奥迪's MLB architecture that underpins the 2017 奥迪 A4. The similarities continue inside with a dashboard, center console, and bags of technology lifted directly from the A4. Despite their nomenclature, the A5 and S5 are simply two-door versions of the A4 and S4, respectively. 

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive

2017 奥迪 A5 first drive





即使在其最牢固的Drive Select设置Dynamic下,S5仍可以更舒适地吸收车辙的地形,而不会影响其固有的运动性能。它的电动助力转向系统提供了可观的道路感觉,而不会因为太重而轻易摆脱困境,更好地享受绝对分类的底盘。

Throttle the S5 and it roars to life, the red tachometer needle swings rapidly to the right before the 8-speed fires off some of the fastest shifts we've seen from a conventional automatic. That said, the S5 utilizes 奥迪's version of the well-received ZF 8-speed gearbox seen in countless other cars; but this may be its best home yet.

尽管S5的前端比C-Class或BMW的4系等后驱车更容易钻入坚硬的角落,但S5的驾驶乐趣十足。我们渴望试用梅赛德斯的新C43,但S5通常设法使BMW 435i像昨天的新闻一样。 

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It is in the A5 that we appreciated the substantial sound deadening efforts 奥迪 has put into its latest compact range. Certainly not a mere highway cruiser, the A5 may strike the best balance between performance and livability, not to mention price, of the two for most buyers. 

Pricing isn't out, but 奥迪 says to expect only a modest increase over A5's current price of $40,500, and $53,100 for the current S5.

但这是同级竞争,每个氏族成员都在炫耀自己的优势。在等待大兄弟RS 5回家时,现在将土豆交给我们。

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